The STANDARD: 6.7, September 2020

In this issue of RAISE The Standard, we look back at some of the content we have shared with you over the years. As we reflect on the work we have done, and the evidence-based strategies we have shared, we invite our readers to put these ideas into action for positive change.

The STANDARD: 6.5, August 2020

This summer, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) turned 30 years old. The first generation of Americans with disabilities has grown into full adulthood under its promises and protections. In this issue of RAISE the Standard, we explore the history and the movement that helped to shape the landscape of the service system for people with disabilities, and look to the steps that young advocates can take to ensure justice and equality for future generations.

The STANDARD: 6.5, July 2020

In this special issue of RAISE, we offer insight, information, perspectives, and data, calling on all advocates to show up as visible anti-racist allies; to learn more about systemic racism particularly as it affects those with disabilities; and to review policies and practices within your organizations through the lens of anti-racism.

The STANDARD: 6.4, May 2020

This month we explore issues related to mental Illness, isolation and Transition
During COVID-19.