The STANDARD: 4.4, Jun 2018

Transition to Civic Engagement: As Americans, “we the people” all have a right AND a responsibility, to be part of our democracy. This issue of RAISE The Standard is focused on the transition to civic engagement for youth with disabilities.

The STANDARD: 4.3, Apr/May 2018

Considering Careers in the Arts: Whether you are an aspiring artist or just an art lover, there is no limit to imagination and creativity. A career in the arts –visual arts, music, dance, theater, perfrmance – can be hard, but for those with the drive and ambition, it should not be overlooked as a transition outcome.

The STANDARD: 4.2, Mar 2018

In this issue of RAISE, we take a deeper look at self-direction as it relates to decision-making, and we explore the nuanced nature of supported decision-making (SDM).

The STANDARD: 4.1, Feb 2018

Soft Skills—What are They?: In this Valentine’s Day edition of The RAISE Standard e-news, we will look at the importance of these and other soft skills, and how to teach them so young people are ready to go to work.

The STANDARD: 3.6, Dec 2017

Harassment in School and the Workplace: With all the news about harassment and misconduct in the workplace, this issue delves into an open discussion about harassment – sexual and otherwise – in the workplace and in school, and how it affects people with disabilities.

The STANDARD: 3.5, Sep 2017

College: This month, as we head back to school, we focus on those who are college-bound, and those who hope to be.