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Join us for the RAISE Center Accessibility 101 Webinars

Accessibility 101 Webinar Synopsis

The importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion is currently at the forefront of the corporate world today yet frequently excludes accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities in the digital space. There are over 1 billion people in the world with disabilities, and it is crucial that the technology used within industry is not only accessible but also usable by this population.
In this 2-part webinar, the American Foundation for the Blind will discuss some of the basics of accessibility and usability, and we will provide some demonstrations with some powerful assistive technology used by people with disabilities, including what they are carrying around in their own pockets.

Session 1: Introduction to Accessibility and Implementing an Accessible Site

In the first session, AFB will provide context around the concept of “accessibility,” what it means for people with disabilities, and how organizations can be inclusive with their digital platforms. We will briefly touch on legal requirements before setting the stage for how to start determining if your website or app is accessible. We will introduce our accessibility toolkit and provide an activity that you can put into practice to prepare for the next session. 
Date: Monday, Sept. 20
Time: 2pm

Session 2: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Accessibility

In the second session, AFB will cover the tools and methodology used to test accessibility. The goal of this session is to be practical and realistic: what can an organization do to make an improvement right now? We will suggest some actions to take in preparation for the Technical Assistance office hours to be scheduled after this session.
Date: Monday, Sept. 27
Time: 2pm

Presenters’ Bios

Darren Burton is an Accessibility Specialist who has over 25 years of experience working to improve the accessibility of modern technology. After serving as the Director of AFB Tech, Darren served a 4-year stint at Yahoo, where he focused on mobile app accessibility and teaching Yahoo designers and developers about how to build products that are accessible to everyone.
Olivia Hall is a Senior Software Engineer specializing in digital inclusion for AFB Consulting, with a background in full-stack development. She evaluates the accessibility of software and offers technical guidance on how to improve digital accessibility.
Syed Hassan is a Software Development and Support Engineer and specializes in evaluating the accessibility and usability of digital assets for AFB Consulting. He is an assistive technology user and, therefore, provides a valuable feedback and great perspective when evaluating the accessibility of digital assets.
William Reuschel is the Director of Client Services and Technical Development for the American Foundation for the Blind. In his work with AFB Consulting, he manages operations delivering accessibility client services and engages with companies to develop sustainable and effective accessibility programs

RAISE Transition Summit 2021

                                                                                   RAISE Transition Summit 2021

Transition in this Brave New World
                                                                                   2021 RAISE Summit Day 2 Recording
                                                                                   Caption- RAISE Summit 2021 Day 2
                                                                                   Audio in Spanish- audio en español
                                                                                   Presentation Slides in Spanish- Day 2
June 21
  • Welcome to the newly funded RSA Parent Centers

Presented by the RSA-PTIs


During this session, you will gain an understanding of the 8 RSA-PTIs and their work providing various training and programming to youth/young adults with disabilities and their families, professionals, and other PTIs on the issues surrounding Youth Transition, the period of time between adolescence and adulthood.

  • Authentic Youth Engagement-Tools that can Help your Center make it Happen

Presenter: Everett Deibler, RAISE Center Youth Coordinator


During this session the presenter will help attendees explore the new RAISE Center Youth Engagement Toolkit Series. Learn about how these toolkits can support your PTI’s quest to better engage youth in the programs, services, and overall mission of your PTI. Also learn about how the RAISE Center will be engaging with youth to better inform the technical assistance they provide throughout the year.

June 28

Re-opening of Schools:  Pre-ETS/Secondary Transition Service Delivery and Covid

Presenter: Michael Stoehr – Knowledge Development and Technical Assistance Specialist at National Technical Assistance Center on Transition: the Collaborative (NTACT:C)


This session will provide information from the National Technical     Assistance Center on Transition: the Collaborative (NTACT:C) about supporting students with transition services.  Michael Stoehr from NTACT:C will highlight strategies and resources for providing transition services on a continuum, including remote and virtual options.

  • Making Up Lost Instructional Time Due to COVID

Presenter: Ron Hager, Managing Attorney for Education and Employment, National Disability Rights Network (NDRN)


Life and our plans for the future drastically changed in February 2020. During that time students were sent home and services were furloughed. As we begin to recover from the pandemic, there are a lot of changes happening for youth in transition. In this session we will discuss policies, court cases, and how this can affect youth in transition.



The RAISE Center’s Advisory Partnership consists of 21 board members, including self-advocates, disability activists, the seven RSA-funded PTIs, and professional partners. They give feedback on RAISE work and materials and are active in the product development work groups. This partnership meets on quarterly conference calls, attends annual face-to-face summits and meetings, working together on an ongoing basis to provide TA to those who need it.

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