The STANDARD: 6.1, Jan 2020

Health Care Education and Advocacy: This month we explore issues related to health care and health care-related decision making for youth of transition age.

The STANDARD: 5.9, Dec 2019

Caregivers: This month we explore issues related to caregiving for teens and young adults with disabilities.

The STANDARD: 5.8, Oct 2019

Mobility: This issue focuses on travel training and mobility as a vital component of transition planning, and a door opener to college, career, and community connections.

The STANDARD: 5.7, Sep 2019

Networking & Social Media: In this issue, we explore how youth with disabilities can leverage social media and networking opportunities to help them land a job and position themselves for the next big thing.

The STANDARD: 5.6, July 2019

Independence: What does independence mean? It depends on whom you ask. In this issue of RAISE The Standard, we offer perspectives from students, adults, and parents about what independence means to them.

The STANDARD: 5.5, June 2019

Customized Employment and Job Creation: An approach to hiring, retention, and return to work that ties the strengths, conditions, and interests of a job candidate or employee to the business needs of an employer. It provides greater employee satisfaction and productivity, among other benefits, bringing better retention and profitability for employers. It can bring people from diverse populations, including those with disabilities, into the workplace to contribute their untapped talents to businesses.