The National RAISE Center will be hosting its 9th Summit in Charlotte, NC. It will be a time for leadership development, networking and team building.
Location: Hilton Charlotte University Place, Charlotte, NC.
Date: Tuesday, May 16th, 2023 at 9am – 1pm ET
This summit will focus on developing and strengthening relationships with key partners to improve transition outcomes. The sessions will include:
  • A Young Adult Showcase: Join members from the RAISE Youth Advocates for Change (YAC) to learn about the youth focused work they have been doing throughout the year around employment and transition. Get practical takeaways and resources to share with the families and youth you serve.
  • MPACT Presentation “Walking the Walk: Recommendations for Experience-Focused Transition Programming”: This presentation shares results from a national survey jointly designed by RAISE and MPACT on impactful transition activities for positive postschool outcomes and adult satisfaction ratings. We will share recommendations based on our key finding that transition experiences must be central to transition programming.
  • RSA Parent Centers spotlight: Each Regional RSA Parent Center has been working to develop technical assistance and products that will be helpful in supporting parent centers, families, and youth in their region during transition. During the session, each RSA PC will share a product that is available online that could be useful during the transition process.

We have enabled a virtual option, so if you are not attending in person, you can still participate virtually.