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In 2014, SPAN Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN), a parent-led and family-centered non-profit parent training and information center (PTI), was funded by the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) to provide support to Parent Training and Information Centers in helping individuals with disabilities transition into adulthood.

RAISE was funded by a national grant from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) to provide technical assistance and support to eight (8) RSA PTIs.

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New Resources and Quick Access

Transition Alphabet Soup!  Find out what these acronyms mean?→

Plain Language Made It Easy

RAISE and PEATC collaborated to develop this resource guide and video in English and Spanish to assist people in making their documents accessible to everyone.

Readable Print

These resource provide information on how to make printed text the most visually accessible.

  • Creating Readable Print Materials  explains the rules that will make text readable for everyone, including people with reading, language, or visual disabilities and their families.*

Stay Up To Date with RAISE

 The Standard Newsletter is the official publication from RAISE.

The STANDARD: 9.6, June 2023

In this issue of RAISE The Standard, we will explore the challenges within our nation’s disability benefits system, unpack several of the benefits programs offered for people with disabilities, and share ways to maximize them for independence and self-direction.

The STANDARD: 9.5, April 2023

In this issue of RAISE The Standard, we take a deep dive into how and why to use summertime to advance transition skills.

The STANDARD: 9.4, March 2023

In this issue of RAISE The Standard, we explore the impact of trauma on transition planning and outcomes, and what service providers and other professionals can do to best support youth who have experience trauma

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Webinars and Events

RAISE hosts a number of engaging and informative webinars and events through out the year. We invite you to join us for professional development, virtual learning, networking and more.

Supporting Families to Focus on Student Self-Determination- April 24

Self-determination is the ability for an individual to make their own decisions and guide the path of their lives. Youth and young adults with disabilities often lack opportunities to develop and practice being self-determined. This session will provide family training and advocacy professionals with strategies and tools that assist parents and caregivers in building key self-determination skills in their youth. The Essential Elements of Self Determination will be highlighted and useful goal setting and supported decision making tools shared. Family involvement and student self-determination can coexist. By helping families see the value in self-determination we can support students to build confidence and take charge of their futures.

Sean Roy, Sean, Chief Innovation and Training Officer for TransCen Inc.

Dr. John McNaught, Principal Investigator for I’m Determined

Date: Monday, April 24th, 2023
Time: 2pm ET

ASL interpretation & Spanish interpretation will be offered!

Why Financial Education Matters Webinar- March 20

Will saving jeopardize benefits? How will employment impact benefits? ABLE account or Special Needs Trust? What is Supported Decision-Making? How to protect against identity theft?

Please join us for an informative webinar presented by Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF) on March 20, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. ET.

Recognizing that financial education is the foundation for independent living, everyone needs financial skills to make informed decisions about money. In this webinar, we will address fundamental building blocks and the unique financial education needs of students with disabilities. We will explore PATF’s Cents and Sensibility: A Money Management Guide and the Educator Companion Manual and how these guides can help you make financial education engaging and fun. We will also take a tour of PATF’s online financial education resource, and its interactive content, activities, and resources.

Date: Monday, March 20, 2023
Time: 2pm ET

ASL interpretation & Spanish interpretation will be offered!