Accessibility Resources

Accessibility is not an outcome; it is a process. Accessibility can mean something different for everyone and is constantly changing. To be able to serve the greatest number of people, parent centers and other technical assistance providers should create a culture where accessibility is fundamental to every product, service, and event provided by the organization.

On this page, you will find information on how to make various activities and products accessible.


Importance of Accessibility 

Why is Accessibility Important?

This video by NCRTM explains the importance of accessibility

Screen Reader Simulation

This video demonstrates the use of a screen reader and the difficulties users may have with inaccessible documents.


The Fundamentals of Accessibility


DEI Strategic Planning Toolkit

This website from the University of Michigan highlights information on DEI Strategic Planning and Implementation process.


Budgeting for Accessibility

Reasonable Accommodations and Budgeting for Inclusion

This article discusses the fundamental importance of budgeting for inclusion.

Budgeting For Access

This webpage explores how to budget for different activities to ensure that attendees with disabilities and Deaf attendees have complete access


Website Accessibility

Making the Web Accessible:

This comprehensive website shares strategies, standards, and supporting resources to help make the Web more accessible

WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

This website accessibility scanners provide feedback about compliance with WCAG guidelines

Google Chrome Screen Reader

This website accessibility scanners provide feedback about compliance with WCAG guidelines

Website Accessibility Webinar and Website Accessibility Webinar Handout

Provides tips for digital accessibility


Word Accessibility

Checking Document Accessibility in Word 

This 11-minute video offers ways to review and remediate documents in Microsoft Word

Word 2016 Accessibility Requirements

This guide, created by the AED, gives the essential steps in creating accessible word documents.

Creating Accessible Documents

This webpage, from AED gives resources to create accessible Microsoft Word documents that conform to the revised Section 508 standards.


PDF Accessibility

Remediating Inaccessible PDFs – These videos demonstrate how to remediate PDF documents that are inaccessible:

  • Part One is about tagging/reading order, artifacting, lists and table of contents.
  • Part Two discusses simple data tables, images/alt text, color contrast and forms.

Adobe Acrobat DC Pro 2019 Accessibility Requirements

This guide by AED shows the basics of creating accessible PDFs

Create Accessible PDFs

This webpage provides multiple resources on how to create accessible PDF documents that are 508 compliance

Guide To Creating Accessible Documents

This page explains PDF accessibility tools, importance, and how to use them 

Webinar Accessibility

Top Ten Essentials for Accessible Webinars

This video by NCRTM reviews the ten most important items to keep in mind when creating and hosting webinars.

Quick Checklist for Accessible Webinars

The webinars by New Editions Section 508 Team provide items to consider when creating and hosting a webinar.


PowerPoint Accessibility

Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations

This video includes ways to create, check and remediate documents in Microsoft PowerPoint.

PowerPoint 2016 Accessibility Requirements

This guide by the U.S. Department of Education is on creating accessible PowerPoints.

Create Accessible PowerPoint Presentations

This webpage shares multiple resources to make accessible Microsoft PowerPoint that conform to the revised Section 508 standards.


Excel Accessibility

Creating Accessible Excel Documents

This video shares ways to create, check, and remediate documents in Microsoft Excel.

Excel 2016 Accessibility Requirements

This guide created by from the U.S. Department of Education shares steps to create accessible excel documents

Creating Accessible Spreadsheets

This page shares multiple resources to make accessible Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that conform to the revised Section 508 standards.


Social Media Accessibility

Improving Accessibility of Social Media

This is a resource developed by the University of Minnesota’s Disability Resource Center that provides accessibility tips for social media, including tips for Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Flickr, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Best Practices for Accessible Social Media | Webinar

This explores ways to make social media posts more accessible and usable

Inclusive Design for Social Media: Tips for Creating Accessible Channels

This articles includes tips for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat.


In Person Accessibility 


Best Practices and Guidelines for Large Print Documents used by the Low Vision Community

This article provides guidelines to assist in the production of large print documents


Plain Language Made It Easy

RAISE and PEATC collaborated to develop this resource guide and video in English and Spanish to assist people in making their documents accessible to everyone.

ABCs of Plain Language


The Importance of Using Plain Language

This resource explains how plain language makes information easier for people to read and to understand.*

The Importance of Using Plain Language- Spanish- La importancia de usar lenguaje simple 

Este recurso explica cómo el lenguaje sencillo hace que la información sea más fácil de leer y comprender para las personas.*

Using Plain Language Video

This video explains how using plain language makes it easier for people to understand.*

Using Plain Language Video- Spanish- La importancia de utilizar un lenguaje sencillo

Este video explica cómo el uso de un lenguaje sencillo facilita la comprensión de las personas.*

Readable Print

These resource provide information on how to make printed text the most visually accessible.

Creating Readable Print Materials

This resource explains the rules that will make text readable for everyone, including people with reading, language, or visual disabilities and their families.*

Creating Readable Text

This video shows how to create readable print material *

Creating Readable Text- Cómo crear texto legible Spanish audio- Cómo crear texto legible.

Este video en español (con subtítulos en español) muestra cómo crear material impreso legible *





Items marked with an asterisk (*) refers to products developed by the RAISE Center.

Note: Links and information not marked with an asterisk were curated from NCRTM, the Parent Center Hub, and the FISA Foundation