This March 13, 2018 webinar discusses how vocational rehabilitation agency’s (VR’s) willingness to pay for a client’s post-secondary education can sometimes be a major point of contention. Issues range from the willingness to approve post-secondary education, particularly for advanced degrees, the level of VR funding, and implementation of the reasonable accommodations needed to reach that goal. Strategies to overcome common obstacles were tackled.

Issues that are addressed in this webinar:

  • Presumption of Entry-Level Employment Goals
  • Financial Participation by VR Clients
  • Exceptions to Fee Schedules
  • Seeking Timeline Amendments to the IPE
  • Delays in Receiving Equipment, Services or Accommodations
  • Getting VR to Pay for Remediation Prior to College Attendance

Presenter: Ron Hager, Senior Staff Attorney at the National Disabilities Rights Network (NDRN)

Available documents: