This presentation focuses on defining and learning about “smart home” technology and how these devices can be integrated into home and work environments to enhance independence, safety and quality of life. Funding resources for the acquisition of smart home devices are also discussed.


  • Learn about the wide array of affordable technology
  • Discover how widely available technology can support individuals with disabilities
  • Identify ways that Smart Home technology can help in transition


Kirby Smith, founder and President of SunKirb Ideas, LLC. In July of 2014, his wife, Suria, was injured and became a quadriplegic. He found the technology being offered to improve her life was outdated, expensive, and very limited due to customizations. Suddenly, simple everyday things were challenging. They solved those issues and July 2015 formed a company to bring these solutions to an underserved population. SunKirb Ideas, LLC offers affordable off-the-shelf consumer based solutions through technology to give those with disabilities and unique challenges the ability to be more independent and have more control of their environment. This enabled people to control the lights, temperature, turn on and off alarms, control their doors, control music and entertainment, see and communicate remotely, and control the televisions (including the cable box, TiVo, Netflix and Hulu) using voice commands.

Susan Tachau, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the non-profit, Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF), Pennsylvania’s Alternative Financing Program as designated by the federal Assistive Technology Act. PATF is also a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). PATF helps individuals with disabilities and seniors acquire the assistive technology – including smart home devices – they want in order to live a more independent and satisfying life. PATF has helped more than 3,300 individuals with disabilities and older Pennsylvanians finance assistive technology with loans worth more than $37 million.

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