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Raising the Standard for Young Adults with Disabilities

The STANDARD: 6.5, July 2020

In this special issue of RAISE, we offer insight, information, perspectives, and data, calling on all advocates to show up as visible anti-racist allies; to learn more about systemic racism particularly as it affects those with disabilities; and to review policies and practices within your organizations through the lens of anti-racism. Continue Reading The STANDARD: 6.5, July 2020

The STANDARD: 5.5, June 2019

Customized Employment and Job Creation: An approach to hiring, retention, and return to work that ties the strengths, conditions, and interests of a job candidate or employee to the business needs of an employer. It provides greater employee satisfaction and productivity, among other benefits, bringing better retention and profitability for employers. It can bring people from diverse populations, including those with disabilities, into the workplace to contribute their untapped talents to businesses. Continue Reading The STANDARD: 5.5, June 2019

The STANDARD: 5.4, May 2019

Mental Health Month: More than 44 million adults in the US. report having had a mental health condition during the past year – that is more than 18 percent of the US population or nearly one in five people. This makes psychiatric disabilities one of the most common types of disability covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Continue Reading The STANDARD: 5.4, May 2019

The STANDARD: 4.7, Oct 2018

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). It’s a great time to raise awareness about disability issues and to celebrate the important contributions of people with disabilities. The theme for 2018 is “America’s Workforce: Empowering All.” Continue Reading The STANDARD: 4.7, Oct 2018

The STANDARD: 4.6, Sep 2018

Health Care Transitions: With planning and support, youth can gain self-care and independence as they engage in their own wellness, learn how to manage medication and treatment, and learn about options for health insurance coverage to make sure they stay healthy and empowered. Continue Reading The STANDARD: 4.6, Sep 2018

The STANDARD: 4.3, Apr/May 2018

Considering Careers in the Arts: Whether you are an aspiring artist or just an art lover, there is no limit to imagination and creativity. A career in the arts –visual arts, music, dance, theater, perfrmance – can be hard, but for those with the drive and ambition, it should not be overlooked as a transition outcome. Continue Reading The STANDARD: 4.3, Apr/May 2018

The STANDARD: 3.6, Dec 2017

Harassment in School and the Workplace: With all the news about harassment and misconduct in the workplace, this issue delves into an open discussion about harassment – sexual and otherwise – in the workplace and in school, and how it affects people with disabilities. Continue Reading The STANDARD: 3.6, Dec 2017

The STANDARD: 1.1, Oct 2015

Helping Military Families: Many Parent Centers have military installations in their areas of responsibility. What about those service members who are not on installations? There are many military-connected families in areas that do not live or work behind the gates or walls of a typical installation. Continue Reading The STANDARD: 1.1, Oct 2015