Apprenticeship Resources

Apprenticeships are some of the oldest job training programs. They provide work-based training, classroom instruction, and mentorship. They pay a competitive wage with a career path. Apprenticeships use to focus on trades like construction and manufacturing. Now apprenticeships have spread into the fields of healthcare, information technology, transportation, and energy production.

Apprenticeships are a great alternative to college or employment directly after high school. For some individuals, post-secondary education may not be a good option; but without additional training, it is difficult to have a successful career. Apprenticeships allow people to pursue specialized training with a path to a good job 

The resources below provide information about available programs, creating new apprenticeships, benefits for apprentices, and ways to find programs.

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Apprenticeship Approaches

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Find the Apprenticeship That’s Right for You

This page includes resources with current nationwide apprenticeships and a search option by position and location match.

Right Turn Career-Focused Transition Initiative

The Right Turn program addresses barriers that prevent young adults who have past involvement with the justice system from pursuing employment. 

Youth Apprenticeship: A Hopeful Approach for Improving Outcomes for Baltimore Youth

This paper shows the success that apprenticeships have had on improving school and career outcomes for at-risk youth.

CareerOneStop’s Video Collection

This video collection provides information on careers, industries, skills, abilities, work options, and education levels.

Planning for Youth Apprenticeship: A CALENDAR for Participants Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship

This calendar outlines a way to start career development and work-based learning opportunities.

Apprenticeship Program Development

This website provides employers with models of apprenticeships, benefits of developing apprenticeships, and information on posting apprenticeship opportunities online. 

Action Planning Guide: Ten Steps to Success 

This guide outlines a 10-step process to create a youth apprenticeship program.

Action Planning Guide: Ten Steps to Success 

This toolkit connects students to career experts, builds job skills, and provides information on creating apprenticeship programs.

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Inclusive Apprenticeships Information

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Need Tech Talent? Think Apprenticeships

This site discusses efforts to expand apprenticeship programs, with a focus on connecting technology industries.

Apprenticeship Works Video Series

This video series showcases people with and without disabilities in apprenticeships and shows how they help job seekers and businesses.

Apprenticeship Works for Inclusion: A Guide to Helping People with Disabilities Explore Inclusive Career Paths

This guide introduces educators/service providers to the benefits and opportunities of inclusive apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship Works for Business: A Guide to Building Inclusive Workplaces

This guide introduces employers to the benefits and opportunities of inclusive apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship Works for You: A Guide for Individuals Exploring Inclusive Career Paths

This Guide introduce young people with disabilities to the benefits and opportunities of inclusive apprenticeships.