Successful Adult Outcomes



MPACT completed a study on successful transition outcome results and resources.  Check out the article and infographics based on data.  In addition, there are transition tip sheets for professionals, youth, and their families.  Finally, there are videos of young adults on what helped them most during transition.

Employment:  What Works

How do we get there?

MPACT and RAISE did a national survey for find out from youth and families what really helps lead to competitive employment.  This was covered in the national Exceptional Parent magazine. Key findings are in the briefs and videos below.

Infographics & Tip Sheets

Paid Work Experience infographic

Paid Work Experience

This infographic demonstrates the impact of paid work during high school leading to improved outcomes for transition.  It also shows greater life satisfaction in general and specifically the areas of work, education, social, and living options.

Transition Experience Tips

Transition Experience

This infographic shows the most impactful high school experiences resulting in better transition outcomes.  These experiences include paid/unpaid work, college, leadership, or volunteer opportunities.

Successful Post-Secondary Outcomes Infographic

The Link Between Experiences and Successful and Post-Secondary Outcomes

This infograph shows the connection between certain experiences and success after highschool.

MPACT has created 3 tip sheets on transition:  one for professionals, one for youth, and one for families.  Each sheet looks at what is important for youth to obtain their dreams, how they can self-advocate, how their families can help support them in self-advocacy, and linkages to community resources such as VR (Vocational Rehabilitation), Pre-ETS (Pre-Employment Transition Services), and CILs (Centers for Independent Living).

Transition Tips Professionals
Transition Tips for Families
Transition Tips for Youth


Thanks to the youth who helped with the videos!