Reimagining Advocacy: Promoting an Authentic Transition to Adult Life

Reimagining Advocacy: Promoting an Authentic Transition to Adult Life

Nov 15, 2021 02:00 PM Eastern Time

Aligning advocacy activities with an often-changing transition landscape can be a challenge for parent training professionals. Providing effective supports to families requires moving away from traditional compliance-based strategies and moving towards an approach that treats transition as a very human, lifespan activity. This webinar will highlight various ways parent advocacy professionals can adjust and improve their transition supports to families, including examining the pitfalls of systems-based thinking, weaving transition into a continuum of advocacy services, and using a lifespan approach to help families embrace transition sooner.


Sean Roy is the Chief Innovation and Training Officer for TransCen Inc.

Dr. Ann Deschamps is Vice President of TransCen Inc.

Laura A. Owens, Ph.D., CESP, has over 30 years of experience as a national leader in the transition and disability employment field. She is currently the President of TransCen, Inc. (TCI).

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